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With all the new internet marketing methods available, blogging has become a little bit old hat in the eyes of many. I mean, it’s not sexy like Facebook; it’s not as easy as Twitter and it certainly is not as glamorous as having a MySpace page. In spite of all of this, blogging remains one of the most effective ways to brand your business online. Here are top 8 techniques to make your newly developed blog successful and popular in a short period of time:
1) Make Difference
You have a blog and you include and add each and everything in it which already exist in
Your competitors blog than what is that will attract readers and visitors to your blog rather than going to your competitors blog? Well, you must have something different, extraordinary and valuable to stand out from the crowd. Come up with new stunning ideas related to your market about which other may have not thought and then go with it.
2) Blog Design and Theme
Your Blog layout design, color scheme and text format is the first thing that makes a good or bad impression on your visitors and readers. So make it look decent and most importantly must be related with your blog subject. For example your blog is about Music and you have blog design related to autos. There many templates for blogs free and paid. Try to find a template related to your blog theme.
3) Share More Advertise Less
Teach that to other what you know well and are related to your market and you think this may help others. Share your experience and knowledge with your readers but don’t sell or advertise too much as readers only value information not products. No, it’s not that you stop advertising or selling your products but try to create balance between providing interesting information and advertising. Suppose you sell books than your blog should be about books and magazines or at least must have a category for books. Now post books reviews of those that you sell and which you think that readers may find interesting. Share your honest thoughts about books with readers and ask for their reviews too. In that way you have provide valuable information and advertised your product too in a decent way.
4) Write for People not for Search Engines
Yes, please do write optimized posts to rank well in Search Engines but keeping in mind your readers and visitors. More specifically No keyword stuffing and Repetition etc. Your blog post should be written in such manner that it does not lose the interest of a reader and within that it does not lose its search engine visibility at the same time.
5) Listen to Readers
Allow readers and visitors to speak up about your posts. Let them share their thoughts about the provided information or product or service by leaving their comments on your blog. Moderate and Reply to their comments so they realize that website you are design waterford listening to ireland them with deep attention.
6) Arrange Contests
If possible try to arrange small contests with prize as reward for winner on your blog In order to motivate your readers and followers. Like if you have a blog about web templates then announce contest in which ask your visitors to post their best website web template design then each waterford should ireland be given fair points by you and your readers than finally bring out the winner with highest points. As reward you can pos his name with picture on your blog or allow him to make a guest post on your blog and so on.
7) Create Community
The web is becoming more of a social place and the need to make friends online is now more important than ever.The basic truth about building an authority blog is:
What others say about you is more website design important waterford than ireland what you say about yourself.
If you can make friends on Twitter, your content will get retweeted. If you can make friends on the popular social media sites like Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit, they will vouch for you and increase the chances of your content going viral. One of the great things about the coaching programs is there is a readymade networking pool and I have made some great friendships already and my authority in this niche will only get stronger as a result.
8) Stay Up to date
Stay in touch website with your design waterford ireland market or field and be the first to post on your blog about any new product, service or technology that is being brought to market.