Quotation Template For Website Design

There are thousands of websites created daily. I would assume that means thousands of WordPress websites as well. With that type of volume how can you stand out in the pack? The good news is that most people throw up a site and don’t so anything with it. If you only take a couple steps you can easily stand out from those sites. What about the sites people do customize though? How can your site stand out from those. Luckily, you don’t need a ton of knowledge to make a unique site and this is especially true with WordPress.
1. Go Minimal – A lot of websites are all about the fancy graphics, huge images and cutting edge looks. What if you did the opposite? Wouldn’t your site stand out just by contrast alone. I think so. In fact, I believed in it so much I did a complete minimal redesign of my WordPress blog. Although it is hard to quantify how effective it was, I did notice I made it into a couple showcase sites. These sites profile unique blog design and I received some significant traffic from them. When everyone is concerned with bigger, brighter and louder, toning things down can actually make you get noticed first.
2. Custom quotation Graphics template – Now website design on to the opposite spectrum. Minimal sites aren’t for everyone, so what about people who like a more detailed design? WordPress themes make site design easy, but if you want to take it up a notch you can add your own custom graphics. You have two ways to do this. First, you can do the design yourself to start. If you are handy with design programs, it shouldn’t be too hard to find some tutorials to bring your graphics to the next level. If the mere thought of designing your own graphics is too much to even think about, then you can outsource it. There are a number of sites that offer image design very cheap. Fiverr.com for example is full of people doing small design jobs quotation for template just website five design dollars. Whether you do it quotation template yourself website design or outsource, give your WordPress theme a unique twist with custom graphics.
3. Be Honest – Here is one that is especially tailored to those people who want to make money online with blog. Have you ever thought of trying an honest approach? I am so sick of seeing long sales letters full of fake testimonials and the promise of riches. If I hear about how I can start making money today with no effort again, I will throw up. Take a toned down honest approach. Do things like show real earning reports. Tell your story and how you made your money. Don’t leave out the downs, people know every story has ups AND downs. People might not see this difference on first glance, but will certainly notice once they start reading. A difference like this can mean instead of visitors bouncing, they are engaged in your story and eventually your product.
These three methods are sure to separate you from the vast majority of the pack. To differentiate yourself from the elite websites out there you will have to provide content that trumps them. No matter how pretty your site is, if it doesn’t have good quality, engaging content you are just wasting your time.
That said, if you start off by making quotation one or template website two design of the above changes you will be well on your way to sticking out from the pack. Combine that with great content and you might just be unstoppable!